Evergreen Golf

Evergreen Golf Club

Off Season News

Club President Bill Mitchell has decided to step down and we once again return to a left-handed President, Alan Ohashi to lead us into the 2021 season. Joining Alan as new committee members will be Mark Wilson and Shawn Hailes. Rob Currie, Gary Mizuno and Dave Wolsey will return to round out the group.

We thank Bill Mitchell, Roger Nakagawa and Jerry Kimura for their tireless work.

Covid-19 Restrictions

Once again in 2021, we will be faced with the challenges of Covid-19. There will be no KPs initially, but we will re-address that once the season moves on.

The flag is to remain in for all putts. Lift clean and place is in effect throughout the season from tee to green. Should your ball come to rest in a bunker footprint, the sand may be levelled and the ball replaced. For safety's sake. This can be done with your foot, as we anticipate there will be no rakes in the bunkers.

If you are sick or have been in contact with someone who has the Covid-19 virus, PLEASE STAY HOME

Pace of Play

To ensure a 4 hour and 15 minute round, please play "ready golf". Prepare to hit your shot as your playing partners are making their shot. This involves being over your ball and having completed club selection, cleaning balls and clubs, yardage, wind velocity and of course any extra terrestrial forces that may be in the environment,

Tournament Results

Please forward your scorecard to the tournament committee member promptly following each round. Tournament results will be posted soon after the results are verified.