Evergreen Golf Club

Off Season News

We welcome you to the 2022 Evergreen Golf Club season. This year we will be playing a full schedule and will add a scramble back into the mixture to make things even more interesting.

Covid-19 Restrictions

Once again in 2022, we will be faced with the challenges of Covid-19. Remember, if you are feeling ill, it is best to stay home

Pace of Play

To ensure a 4 hour and 15 minute round, please play "ready golf". Prepare to hit your shot as your playing partners are making their shot. This involves being over your ball and having completed club selection, cleaning balls and clubs, yardage, wind velocity and of course any extra terrestrial forces that may be in the environment,

Tournament Results

Please forward your scorecard to the tournament committee member promptly following each round. Tournament results will be posted soon after the results are verified.